Under the brand La Maison Victor, the magazine offers a contemporary, refreshing alternative for the growing group of beginner sewers and crafters. La Maison Victor is meeting the need for patterns that are feasible and affordable, while still resulting in contemporary, fashionable designs. La Maison Victor collaborates with famous Belgian fashion designers to create these designs.

DIY inspiration

The La Maison Victor editorial staff also has a lot of innovative inspiration and specific ideas for those whose DIY urges aren’t limited to just sewing: from crocheting and knitting to upcycling ideas, decorating ideas, handy gadgets, jewellery, and much more. ‘Know-how’ is a third important pillar, in addition to ‘style’ and ‘inspiration’, that cannot be left out of the La Maison Victor story. The designs are linked to graduated patterns (from sizes 34 to 54) with detailed sewing instructions that are tested beforehand by pattern testers. Plus, the magazine also contains exciting reports, portraits, and a news section in which the editorial staff keeps you updated on all the latest news in the fashion and DIY world.

La Maison Victor Community

La Maison Victor is a 360° platform. In addition to the magazine and numerous organised events, the LMV team also offers a lot of online options: from e-commerce to tutorials on the website and online classes, so that everyone – from beginners to the experienced – can start making the ideas in the magazine. Every issue will also contain a unique contest and numerous activities that strengthen the community and encourage the drive to create. The editorial staff encourages readers to send in pictures of their own creations and the very best of these will always get an appropriate reward.