Video: Tiwi Dress

The Tiwi Dress is a slipdress with a flattering waterfall neck. With this video tutorial it’s also for beginning sewers achievable!

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Video: Sunset Short

Our Sunset Shorts have a high waistline with a soft ribbon at the waist. In this tutorial we explain how to make the waistband.

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A handmade loop for a button

In this video, we will show you how to create a handmade loop for a button. On our Goa dress, there’s such a button buckle.

Moroccan pouf

They make incredibly lovely poufs from old rugs in Morocco. If you don’t have an old rug at hand, you can also easily turn a bit of fabric into a Mediterranean-inspired pouf. NUÏ explains how to make one.

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Flowerpots painted with ethnic designs


Terracotta flowerpots make your garden or patio even more cosy. Paint ethnic designs on some of them and plant a cactus or a palm tree to instantly give your outdoor space a Mediterranean feel. NUÏ painted some for you.

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Embroidered espadrilles


You can see the most beautiful babouches, wonderfully tailored leather slippers, in Morocco. You can make your very own pair of es- padrille-babouches in no time using espadrilles and some embroidery thread! NUÏ explains how to make them.

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Macramé tealight candle holder


Relax in the cosy comfort of your garden or patio in the evening thanks to this tealight candle holder. The macramé buttons add a lovely touch of light. NUÏ explains how to make this nice candle holder yourself.

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New: Judith’s sewing room in Vilvoorde

She is a freelance translator, mum to Elliot (12) and June (10), and blogs on

Show us your sewing room and we’ll talk a bit about you. 🙂 Our newest column gives you a look at some of the cutest sewing rooms. Do you have a great sewing room that you’d like to share with La Maison Victor? Then send us an email at tell us something about your sewing room and include some pictures. Your sewing room might just be in our next magazine!

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