Degree of difficulty

With a bit of effort

One house

  • straight and zigzag stitches
  • sewing darts
  • sewing buttonholes
  • attaching simple sleeves (e.g. for a T-shirt)
  • gathers
  • making a simple pleat
  • sewing a tunnel for a strip of elastic
  • sewing with a strip of elastic
  • tracing patterns onto fabric

Two houses (all the previous +)

  • sewing an invisible zipper
  • being able to use bias tape and piping
  • sewing pockets
  • simple slit pockets
  • setting in sleeves
  • making a more complex pleat
  • sewing combined neckline-armhole facing

Three houses (all the previous +)

  • zippered fly, normal zipper
  • trimmed pockets
  • simple collars
  • simple splits
  • encrusting
  • adjusting simple patterns
  • working with more difficult fabrics, like muslin, translucent fabrics, fur, etc.

Four houses (all the previous +)

  • draping
  • winter coats (with shoulder pads, lining, etc.)
  • more difficult splits
  • adjusting more difficult patterns