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Gunther, the cuddly fox

What do you need? A Crochet hook sized 3,5mm (or another size, depending on the yarn you choose) Stuffing material Some black & white yarn, and 2 x 50 grams skeins of red/orange yarn. A darning needle

Crochet a wall hanging!

Do you really like the wall-hanging trend, but don’t have a good grasp on weaving? You can also opt to crochet a wall tapestry. French blogger Jessica from Zess.fr created this lovely design especially for us. We spoke with Jessica and asked her about her crochet craving. Read our interview here!

Retro crocheting with Zess

Jessica, from the blog zess.fr and the Instagram profile Zessfr, creates the cutest crochet patterns for children, adults, and decorative purposes. Her trademark? Cheerful candy colours with a retro touch! She created a stylish, crocheted wall tapestry to brighten up your wall for La Maison Victor. Curious about where Jessica’s craving for crochet comes from?… Read more »