Tag: DIY

DIY: Cat purse

You will be sure to delight every little girl with this cute cat purse!

DIY: Make the Chloe Jacket with lining

We made our Chloë Jacket without a lining, so it was super fast and easy! But would you like to add a lining because of all the benefits of having one? Then just follow these instructions:

DIY: Teddybear

Surprise your little one with this cute teddybear! You can make it in no time with a few scraps of fabric! You’ll find our manual here.

DIY: Embroider your clothing

Embroidery is totally hot and happening right now! All kinds of lovely handmade pieces are appearing on clothing and interior design accessories. We think that the best thing about this trend is the fact that you can do it yourself!

Halloween DIY: Little ghosts

Soon it will be Halloween again! With a few scraps of fabric you can make these nice ghosts. You can hang them in and around your house to create a real Halloween atmosphere.

A handmade loop for a button

In this video, we will show you how to create a handmade loop for a button. On our Goa dress, there’s such a button buckle.

Moroccan pouf

They make incredibly lovely poufs from old rugs in Morocco. If you don’t have an old rug at hand, you can also easily turn a bit of fabric into a Mediterranean-inspired pouf. NUÏ explains how to make one.

Pimped straw plaited bag

You can easily decorate this lovely straw plaited bag yourself using a wide range of haberdashery from Veritas. NUÏ explains how.

Floral comb


A floral comb is lovely in any hairdo. Plus, you can make it in a flash! NUÏ explains how to make it.

Flowerpots painted with ethnic designs


Terracotta flowerpots make your garden or patio even more cosy. Paint ethnic designs on some of them and plant a cactus or a palm tree to instantly give your outdoor space a Mediterranean feel. NUÏ painted some for you.